Flight Scheduled Destination Terminal Status
KL0221 17:40 LONDON CITY Departed at 17:39
WP140 17:40 LONDON CITY Departed at 17:39
Flight Scheduled Origin Terminal Status
TB9334 15:55 VARNA Arrived at 16:07
WP141 20:20 LONDON CITY Arrived at 20:03
KL0222 20:20 LONDON CITY Arrived at 20:03

We would like to inform you, our local residents, about a temporary change in the opening hours of Antwerp Airport.
The COVID-19 crisis is affecting many sectors, including the airport and all its employees.

In consultation with the Flemish Government, it was decided to temporarily adjust the opening hours due to force majeure by COVID-19. The new opening hours are from 08:00 up to and including 18:00 (until further notice).

We hope for all our employees that the airport activities can be resumed soon.

In the meantime, the airport management wishes everyone a lot of strength and courage in this period!


For the passenger:
The building opens 2 hours before the first flight and closes at 11 pm*.
(* Except for deviations from the regular flight schedule due to force majeure)

For the operations:
Airport is open every day for all air traffic from 06:30 a.m. to 11 p.m.

Two exceptions:
• Urgent medical flights
• Scheduled flights with a delay of which the arrival at Antwerp Airport was planned at 10.30 pm at the latest