Date Flight Scheduled Destination Terminal Status
23/07/2024 TB1261 06:30 Murcia
23/07/2024 TB3243 08:30 Antalya Diverted to Brussels
Date Flight Scheduled Destination Terminal Status
23/07/2024 TB2692 06:35 Tanger Diverted to Brussels
23/07/2024 TB3244 16:45 Antalya Diverted to Brussels
23/07/2024 TB1262 19:35 Murcia


Travelling abroad requires official travel documents. The specific documents that you require depend on the country or region that you are travelling to. Many countries require that your identity card or passport is valid for a significant period of time after your return journey as well.

You may need the following documents:

  • ID
  • Passport
  • Visa


Young children and babies must also have a valid passport or identity card. 

Kids-ID for children younger than 12

You can apply for a Kids-ID at your local authority. This is an electronic ID for Belgian children younger than 12 years old. A Kids-ID enables children to travel within the European Union and a number of other countries

Request your Kids-ID well ahead of time

Issuing a Kids-ID takes approximately 3 weeks, and sometimes longer during busy periods. So, request yours well ahead of time. Made a last-minute application? You can always make use of the accelerated application procedure, although this is more expensive

More info about the Kids-ID can be found here.