Date Flight Scheduled Destination Terminal Status
17/06/2024 TB2911 06:45 Split
17/06/2024 TB1101 09:05 Alicante
17/06/2024 TB1001 12:45 Malaga
17/06/2024 TB1321 17:05 Ibiza
Date Flight Scheduled Destination Terminal Status
17/06/2024 TB2912 11:30 Split
17/06/2024 TB1102 14:30 Alicante
17/06/2024 TB1002 19:20 Malaga

Antwerp International Airport provides various meeting rooms for your business.

There are two meeting rooms available within the terminal building. You can also hire a fully equipped press conference room in our press centre, which is located next to the airport building. Drinks, including coffee, tea, water and orange juice, can also be provided for the meeting participants. Conference rooms and the press centre can be rented for half a day (morning or afternoon) or a full day. Free Wi-Fi is available in all of the meeting rooms.

For further information or reservations, you can contact us by telephone at +32 (0)3 285 65 14. Alternatively you can fill in the meeting room form and email it to:



An inspiring room with a unique view of the apron and aircraft of Antwerp airport.
Welcome to the E-lounge on the first floor of the business terminal.

The conference room is suitable for large groups (up to a hundred people), but can also be used for meetings with a smaller group.
Due to its size and unique location, the E-lounge is the ideal place for press events, product launches, presentations, exhibitions, …

Would you like more information or do you want to book the conference room?
Feel free to send an email to: