Date Flight Scheduled Destination Terminal Status
24/04/2024 TB1101 08:10 Alicante Departed at 08:09
24/04/2024 TB1001 14:35 Malaga
Date Flight Scheduled Destination Terminal Status
24/04/2024 TB1102 13:35 Alicante
24/04/2024 TB1002 21:10 Malaga

Parking at Antwerp Airport

> Parking near the terminal
> Advantageous rate
> Sufficient parking capacity – a parking space can be reserved.
> Operated by Indigo Park Belgium


Free drop-off and pick up.
Are you dropping off or picking up family or relatives? You can use the drop off zone. But please note,  you cannot park your car and/or leave your car. In case you have to wait for your family or relatives use Parking Premium. There, you can park the car starting from 1.20 euro for 30 minutes.


This car park is located opposite the entrance to the airport building.

Parking spaces?
500 spaces

  • There are plenty of parking spaces for disabled persons, close to the exit of the car park!
  • Electric car? No problem, you can charge your car here!
  • Do you want to rent a car? There is a car rental zone on this car park (Rent a Car zone).
  • Would you like to use a share car? Then take a Poppy car.
    (TIP: check Poppy’s app to see if there is a car parked on Parking Premium).

Cost price?
You can find the parking prices here.


Parking for disabled and less able passengers 

Antwerp Airport and Indigo have put a lot of attention to disabled passengers coming to the airport with their own car. Every car park provides dedicated parking spaces marked with the standard “Disabled Parking Only” sign. These spaces are located as close as possible to the exits of the car parks.
In order to make use of these parking spaces, the vehicle needs to display an official disabled parking permit.

Payments methods

  • At the point of sale terminal with (credit) card.
  • Via Indigo NEO: Indigo Neo is a digital parking app. The session starts when you arrive and stops when you leave. You will receive your invoice immediately after the parking session. Download the app and activate your account immediately!