Date Flight Scheduled Destination Terminal Status
02/06/2023 TB1003 06:30 Malaga Departed at 06:43
02/06/2023 TB2911 13:55 Split Departed at 14:43
02/06/2023 LGL4684 19:35 London City
03/06/2023 TB1261 06:30 Murcia
03/06/2023 TB1003 13:35 Malaga
Date Flight Scheduled Destination Terminal Status
02/06/2023 TB1004 12:55 Malaga Arrived at 13:48
02/06/2023 TB2912 18:50 Split Arrived at 19:15
02/06/2023 LGL4683 18:55 London City Arrived at 20:36
03/06/2023 TB1262 12:35 Murcia

Travel Guide Antwerp

As well as being Belgium’s largest sea port, Antwerp was once the nucleus of the Northern European Renaissance and, is still the country’s capital of fashion and is the biggest diamond reseller on the planet. Creativity, innovation and originality come together to make a city full of contrasts. Extravagant guildhalls, grand mansions and striking modern architecture make this lively city a place to stay, explore and be inspired by. Drink in the beer culture at the De Koninck Brewery, marvel at the domed arches of Antwerp Central Train Station or just sit back on a terrace and soak up the atmosphere that makes this vibrant capital of cool so unique.

Forever remembered as the home of painter, diplomat and Baroque legend Peter Paul Rubens, Antwerp is where you’ll find his home, the Rubens House, as well as many of the churches and grand houses that served as his gallery. The most prestigious, the towering Gothic spire of the Cathedral of Our Lady, dominates the city skyline. Further history can be unearthed in the DIVA Diamond Museum which tells the story of the city’s 500-year diamond heritage. For cultural travellers, the Plantin-Moretus Museum showcases early printing and is the world’s only UNESCO World Heritage museum. History and art meet at the Museum aan de Stroom (MAS) and the M HKA contemporary art museum, while in 2021 fashionistas can make the pilgrimage to the reopening of MoMu fashion museum to learn the story of the Antwerp Six.

Source: Visit Flanders