Flight Scheduled Destination Terminal Status
TB1321 06:30 Ibiza Departed at 06:34
TB1001 15:05 Malaga Departed at 15:01
TB1261 06:30 Murcia
TB1101 12:50 Alicante
TB1001 13:30 Malaga
Flight Scheduled Origin Terminal Status
TB1322 12:00 Ibiza Arrived at 11:55
TB1002 21:30 Malaga Arrived at 21:31
TB1102 11:50 Alicante
TB1262 12:35 Murcia

Children up to 12 years of age are not allowed to fly unless accompanied by an adult. Your child may, however, travel as an ‘unaccompanied minor’ if the airline provides this service (usually from the age of 5). Ask your travel agency or airline for advice.

Most airlines provide a paid service for unaccompanied minors. Unaccompanied children should be dropped off at Antwerp Aurport by a responsible parent or guardian and met at their destination airport. During the journey, they will be under the permanent supervision of an airline staff member.

This service must be reserved with the airline when you book your ticket. For obvious reasons, rigorous procedures and identity checks apply to unaccompanied children. Please check with your travel agency or airline before booking a flight.

Click here for more information about unaccompanied minors at TUI fly

At the airport – bringing a UM

If a UM takes a flight from Antwerp Airport, the UM and the parent/guardian who is not travelling with the child should check in at the Aviapartner desk.

At the airport – picking up a UM

If a UM takes a flight to Antwerp Airport, the parent/guardian who is not travelling with him/her can pick up his/her UM at the arrival area in the airport terminal. Be sure to bring your identity card so that you can identify yourself.