Date Flight Scheduled Destination Terminal Status
29/11/2023 TB1821 08:00 Tenerife Departed at 07:55
30/11/2023 TB1101 07:35 Alicante
Date Flight Scheduled Destination Terminal Status
TB1822 18:00 Tenerife

Before the security checkpoint

Bars & restaurants

Antwerp Fly Shop
In the early morning, customers of the Fly Shop can enjoy an coffee and croissant. During the day sandwiches with delicious fillings are served and in the early evening passengers can enjoy a glass of wine or a local Belgian beer at the bar.

Brasserie Belair

Brasserie Belair is closed. We are working on a reopening.
We will keep you informed.

After the security checkpoint

Since April 2017, Antwerp International Airport has introduced a new bar and shop after the security checkpoint. This allows passengers to enjoy a drink and a bite before departure. In the shop passengers will also be able to buy typical Antwerp souvenirs and other gift items.