Luxair optimizes flight schedule for business travelers: Day return Antwerp-London on Tuesdays and Thursdays

Luxembourg-based airline Luxair is increasing flight frequency from Antwerp to London City. The new flight schedule with a morning and evening flight on Tuesdays and Thursdays allows business travelers to return the same day. The revamped flight schedule will start on Oct. 30.

In a world where time equals money and where efficiency and productivity are paramount, a daytime connection between major business hubs such as Antwerp Airport and London City is an indispensable link for the modern business traveler. Antwerp Airport is therefore very pleased with Luxair’s decision to further increase the number of flights between the two cities.

“Business travelers often have tight schedules. A day connection allows them to fly out in the morning, fulfill their business obligations in the other city and return the same day, without the need for overnight stays. The demand for a day connection was frequently raised from the business community during the past period. We are therefore pleased that the day connection will exist again from October 30,” says CEO Eric Dumas.

Employers’ organization VOKA is also pleased with the daytime connection: “This illustrates how Antwerp Airport can grow organically by playing on its strengths in terms of ease of use and proximity. As an employers’ organization we have always firmly believed in the importance of a regional airport, especially for the historic connection with London. In this, we are now also being followed by the airlines who are increasing the frequency of their flights,” said Luc Luwel, managing director of Voka – Chamber of Commerce Antwerp-Waasland.

Flight hours day connection

Those who fly to London City on Tuesday morning at 09:15 have the option of flying back that same evening at 17:15. On Thursdays, you fly out at 10:00 and can fly back at 16:50. During the summer season, the hours change slightly. All hours are shown in local time.


Tickets can be booked via or via your (business) travel agent.