Flight Scheduled Destination Terminal Status
TB2793 06:55 ALICANTE Departed at 06:45
VO101 07:00 LONDON CITY Departed at 07:00
VO131 07:05 MUNICH Departed at 07:05
VO141 07:25 ZURICH Departed at 07:25
VO103 10:10 LONDON CITY Departed at 10:05
VO183 11:25 COLOGNE Departed at 11:23
TB2657 13:45 MALAGA Departed at 13:34
VO137 17:30 MUNICH Departed at 17:28
VO109 17:50 LONDON CITY Departed at 17:50
TB2223 22:10 NADOR
Flight Scheduled Origin Terminal Status
VO102 09:35 LONDON CITY Arrived at 09:29
VO132 11:05 MUNICH Arrived at 10:55
VO142 11:10 ZURICH Arrived at 11:02
TB2794 12:35 ALICANTE Arrived at 12:26
VO104 12:50 LONDON CITY Arrived at 12:45
VO184 17:35 COLOGNE Arrived at 17:05
TB2658 20:00 MALAGA Arrived at 19:40
VO110 20:30 LONDON CITY Arrived at 20:21
VO138 21:30 MUNICH Arrived at 21:32
VO148 21:45 ZURICH Arrived at 21:28


Safety is of the first importance of the International Airport Ostend-Bruges, an integral part of the Safety Management System (SMS).

Click here for more information about the safety policy (NL).

Airside traffic regulations

Always respect the airside traffic regulations when driving a vehicle at the airside.

Airside traffic regulations


New courses “safety on the ramp”  and ” security awareness training” will be organized on following dates:


> Download the application form for an airport identity badge

Please register as soon as possible. The course will take place in Antwerp Airport’s Press Centre ( Perscentrum ) at 9am.

Every airport user must follow this course before obtaining or renewing his airport badge. The course is free of charge and participants receive a certificate from the airport management. The airport is required for each cardholder to record when this course was followed.

Due to the limited number of places, registration for this course is required for all participants!


Birds at the airport are a safety risk. All pilots are requested to report the presence of birds to the airport inspection and the airport safety manager.


The presence of FOD on the airport forms a safety risc. All users airside are asked to report the presence of FOD by means of the document in annex to both the airport inspection and the airport safety manager.

FOD report form