Belgian consumer organization rates 178 airports.
Belgian consumer organization Test-Aankoop invited over 11.000 passengers to rate airports they have used for their recent travels. Antwerp and Ostend-Bruges received exceptional ratings for quality.

Among all Belgian airports, the airports situated in Flanders received the highest average scores. Antwerp was even elected into the world’s top 5 after Singapore Changi, Tokyo Narita, Porto and before Doha International Airport. Both airports realized substantial better scores than most airports in the survey, especially in terms of sense of security, signage and security check.

Among the 178 airports worldwide that were rated by travellers, Antwerp International Airport was awarded 4th best, resulting in 5 stars for this airport which is unique for Belgium. The participating passengers assigned 8,2 points for signage, 7,7 for security check and 8,4 for the general sense of safety at Antwerp Airport.