Flight Scheduled Destination Terminal Status
VO101 07:00 LONDON Departed at 07:00
TB1617 08:00 MALAGA Departed at 07:50
VO109 17:50 LONDON
Flight Scheduled Origin Terminal Status
VO102 09:40 LONDON
TB1618 14:30 MALAGA Expected at 14:07
VO110 20:30 LONDON
UPDATE VLM: Flight VO102 London City to Antwerp Airport will switch to Rotterdam Airport. Buses are provided from Rotterdam to Antwerp Airport.


Comparison between November 2017 and November 2016
17,350 in November 2017 compared to 17,229 in November 2016 (+0.70%)


Important powdair update

Powdair is facing the situation of needing to postpone the start of their flight schedule for this winter season, which is currently set to commence on 14th December 2017 from Antwerp to Sion. Powdair’s key financial backer walked away from the powdair journey for personal reasons. Operational systems and strategies are already in place, but investment is the onlye way they will be able to make powdair operational this winter. Passengers who have already booked a flight with powdair, have been informed and can count on a full refund.


New route between Antwerp and Zürich | VLM Airlines

10 flights per week in each direction from 22nd January 2018
VLM Airlines is to introduce an Antwerp to Zurich air service from 22nd January 2018. The airline is offering two daily services with a Fokker 50 on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays with one-way fares starting from EUR 99 / CHF 119 (all taxes included). Seats can already be booked via


The route between Zurich, one of the major financial centres in the world, and Antwerp is a missing link on Europe’s aviation map. Antwerp is Europe’s second largest seaport, the diamond capital of the world and also the second largest petrochemical centre in the world. Both Zurich and Antwerp are playing a key role in the European economy. VLM Airlines is therefore happy to fill this gap with a convenient morning and evening schedule that allows both business people and leisure travellers to get the most of their stay in either city.


New VLM route between Antwerp and Zurich from 22nd January 2018

Route Departure Arrival Flight days *
 Antwerp – Zurich 07:15 08:55 Mo-Tu-We-Th-Fr
 Antwerp – Zurich 17:35 19:15 Mo-Tu-We-Th-Fr
 Zurich – Antwerp 09:25 11:25 Mo-Tu-We-Th-Fr
 Zurich – Antwerp 20:00 22:00 Mo-Tu-We-Th-Fr



Comparison between October 2017 and October 2016

24,833 in October 2017 compared to 21,242 in October 2016 (+16.9%)

3,163 in October 2017 compared to 3,226 in October 2016 (-1.95%)

208 ton in October 2017 compared to 162 tons in October 2016 (+28%)

Flemish Airports announce 7 new Summer Routes

Both Airports continue their expansion by welcoming flights to sunny destinations such as Sharm el Sheikh, Hurghada, Corfu and Djerba. Florence in Tuscany, Sion in Switzerland and London are also part of this Summer Schedule.


Antwerp Airport

The newest addition to the Airport’s Route Map is Florence, birthplace of the Renaissance and ranked as one of the most beautiful cities in the world. The Tuscany region with its pleasant climate, diverse natural landscape, 120 protected nature reserves and fabulous wines is one of Europe’s most popular tourist destinations. This Summer TUI flies twice a week from Antwerp to Florence.

London remains an important destination in terms of business travel and city trips from Antwerp. As of March 2018, VLM will operate the route to London City while Flybe continues flights to London Southend.

The new route to Sion in Switzerland remains operational during the Summer Season with 5 weekly departures. Newcomer powdair targets passengers keen on Nature, Gastronomy and Mountaineering in the Swiss Alps. Sion, capital of the Swiss Canton of Valais is also known as the sunniest city in Switzerland.

Ostend-Bruges Airport

Home carrier TUI, continues its expansion at Ostend-Bruges Airport. It adds an extra flight to Alicante on Fridays and opens 4 additional routes to Sharm-el-Sheikh, Hurghada, Corfu and Djerba. While these destinations are traditionally popular with the Belgian travellers, the airport expects also to welcome passengers from the Netherlands and the North of France.

Flybe announces new route Antwerp-London Southend

Antwerp Flanders International Airport continues to grow

Today Flybe, operated by Stobart Air announces its summer schedule 2018 and the new route Antwerp-London Southend.  As from 25th March Flybe , operated by Stobart Air, will operate 4 flights per week between these two airports.

Flights will be operated by an ATR72-600 aircraft, offering 70 seats.  The flight time will be less than one hour.  Flybe, operated by Stobart Air also offers quick and convenient connections of less than one hour to Dublin, Manchester and Glasgow International from London Southend Airport. .

Marcel Buelens, CEO of Antwerp & Ostend-Bruges Airports is pleased to welcome Flybe, operated by Stobart Air to Antwerp: “a great deal of Belgian and Dutch travellers love to plan a citytrip to London and this offers them the perfect affordable choice for a short break.” He adds: “I’m also very excited about the connections that are offered, with short connecting times of less than one hour, this further expands the number of destinations from Antwerp and will also increase the inbound traffic from UK and Ireland.”

Flights will go on sale as from today, 19th October 2017.  Fares are available from €24.99 one-way and can be booked online at


Antwerp-London Southend      Departure      Arrival
BE 6013 Monday, Wednesday, Friday      14h00      13h55
BE 6013 Sunday      15h30      15h25
London Southend-Antwerp      Departure      Arrival
BE 6012 Monday, Wednesday, Friday      11h35     13h35
BE 6012 Sunday     13h05     15h05


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Antwerp Airport ready to welcome more passengers from The Netherlands

Antwerp Airport ready to welcome more passengers from The Netherlands.

Since the plans for the reintroduction of a ticket tax have been announced by the new Dutch government, Antwerp Airport is preparing an attractive alternative for its the northern neighbors.

Dutch are avid aviation users. In the second quarter of 2017 the number of passengers in the Netherlands increased by 11% compared to the same period last year according to the Central Bureau of Statistics. For several years, Dutch passengers have also increased at Belgian airports. Antwerp Flanders International Airport now presents figures recently obtained from a Master’s thesis at the University of Antwerp *.

Nearly 10% of the total number of passengers at Antwerp Airport is currently from the Netherlands. 71% of this group originates from the south of the Netherlands: the provinces of North Brabant, Zeeland and Limburg. It is striking that 29% of Dutch passengers come from regions that are significantly further located, such as the Randstad and even Friesland.

Why Dutch choose Antwerp

Not entirely unexpected, the most important driving force for Dutch is the price for their flight. 44% of Dutch travelers in Antwerp indicate that the price was the deciding factor for choosing the airport. Important is also the low cost for parking. (Antwerp and Ostend are in the top ten of cheapest parking rates according to recent research from

30% of Dutch passengers who choose Antwerp say that accessibility is the most important factor. The wide range of different airports at relatively short distances ensures that passengers in the Benelux and West Germany have a lot of choice.

Antwerp above Eindhoven

When asking which airports qualify when making a choice, Antwerp scores very well. Remarkably, the respondents prefer Antwerp to Eindhoven. 30% of respondents spontaneously choose for Antwerp. The remaining 70%, are subsequently Eindhoven, Amsterdam and Zaventem followed by other airports in the region.


Comparison between September 2017 September 2016

27.758 in September 2017 compared to 24.248 in September 2016 (+14%)

3.256 in September 2017 compared to 3.714 in September 2016 (-12%)

249 ton in September 2017 compared to 212 tons in September 2016 (+18%)

The VLM Airlines services between London City Airport and Antwerp will commence on 30th October

The VLM Airlines services between London City Airport and Antwerp will commence on 30th October
On Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays there will be three daily services in each direction and on Thursdays and Fridays four daily services.
On Sundays VLM  Airlines will operate two return flights.
Seats can already be booked via the travel agents. Soon the online booking facility will also be available on the new website.
In the following days VLM Airlines will announce further details about its Winter flying programme 2017-2018.

Best summer ever for Antwerp and Ostend-Bruges Airports

The airports of Ostend-Bruges and Antwerp welcomed a record number of travellers during the summer months of July and August

July and August 2017 counted 54,435 passengers for Antwerp airport, an increase of 23.88% compared to the summer months in 2016. Airport Ostend-Bruges recorded an increase of 27.7% in the summer months July and August compared to the same period in 2016, representing 106,090 passengers.

The increase in the number of passengers is mainly due to the new destinations and additional capacity of TUI flights which are certainly popular with the holidaymakers. The increase for both airports shows that regional airports are gaining importance and that travellers are finding it easier to get to these airports. Affordable parking, fast check-in, easy accessibility and proximity also play an important role in the decision-making process of travellers.

Dirk Van Holsbeke, General Manager TUI says: “Each year we see an increasing enthusiasm for the regional airports of Ostend and Antwerp at TUI.  The accessibility, the small scale, the cosy atmosphere and renovated income hall offer a very pleasant and relaxed start for our travellers “

In order to optimize passenger comfort, new departure halls were built earlier this year at both airports. Travellers can now use various food and beverage facilities both before and after security, which further enhances the passenger experience at these airports.