Flight Scheduled Destination Terminal Status
TB7333 08:25 PALMA DE MALLORCA Décollé
WX236 14:15 LONDON
TB7657 14:25 MALAGA
WX238 18:30 LONDON
TB7357 18:55 BARCELONA
Flight Scheduled Provenance Terminal Status
TB6224 06:45 NADOR Atterri
WX237 17:00 LONDON
TB7358 18:05 BARCELONA
TB7658 20:40 MALAGA
WX239 21:20 LONDON

Parkings opening hours 24/7

P3 Economy Parking (520 parking spaces)

– 4 euros for 5 hours
– up to 24 days: 8,00 EUR per day (with max. 72,00 EUR)
– from day 25: 3,00 EUR extra per day

P2 Premium Parking (317 parking spaces)

– 1,50 EUR per hour, as from 5th hour: 1,00 EUR per hour with max. 10,00 EUR per day
– up to 24 days: 10,00 EUR per day (with max 90,00 EUR)
– from day 25: 4,00 EUR extra per day

Front Parking (38 parking spaces)*

– 3,00 EUR per hour with max. 15,00 EUR per day
– up to 4 days: 15,00 EUR per day
– from day 5 till day 24: 20,00 EUR per day (with max. 160,00 EUR)
– from day 25: 15,00 per extra day
* Front Parking is currently closed due to security measures

Visitors have the option to acquire a parking subscription for all parkings areas.
Information about these subscription can be requested by sending an email to

The parkings are operated by BESIXPark. More information regarding the parkings can be found on following website:

Parking for disabled and less able passengers 

Antwerp Airport and Besix Park has put a lot of attention to disabled passengers coming to the airport with their own car. Every car park provides dedicated parking spaces marked with the standard “Disabled Parking Only” sign. These spaces are located as close as possible to the exits of the car parks.
In order to make use of these parking spaces, the vehicle needs to display an official disabled parking permit.