Flight Scheduled Destination Terminal Status
TB2691 06:30 TANGER Departed at 06:38
TB1101 06:55 ALICANTE Departed at 06:46
TB1001 13:45 MALAGA
TB2601 15:00 NADOR
Flight Scheduled Origin Terminal Status
TB1102 12:35 ALICANTE Expected at 12:32
TB2692 13:05 TANGER Expected at 12:59
TB1002 20:00 MALAGA
TB2602 21:35 NADOR

General travel advice

When you are departing on holiday, you will need to inquire about the situation in the country of destination. Furthermore, please check all information regardingrequired travel documents, passports and visas for your journey. We advise you to contact your airline, tour operator or travel agent to get the latest information regarding the travel advice and travel documents needed for your final destination.
In addition, the website of the federal government provides an overview of the most important travel advice for each country.

Special attention – Zika virus warning

Central and South America and the Carribean are currently hit by an outbreak of the Zika virus.
The virus is spread to humans by the Aedes mosquitos. The virus itself is not thought to be dangerous to most people but it has been linked to pregnant women and the birth defect microcephaly.
For more information, please check the WHO web site.


Most airlines do not allow pregnant passengers to fly along after the 36th week of pregnancy. After the 28th week, they should be able to submit a medical certificate. Do always inquire with the airline operating the flight for the most current guidelines.

Travel tips

Airport access
Plan your trip to the airport in advance. Please find all needed information for getting to the airport by car or public transport under the heading “access”.

Online check-in
Please contact your airline or visit your airline website to inform whether online check-in is made available.

Identity card & passport
Do not forget to bring valid travel documents. Children under the age of 12 need a children’s ID or passport in order to be allowed to travel by plane.

Please check with your airline on luggage restrictions and dimensions.
We also recommend to check the heading luggage to find more information about packing your luggage and rules which may apply.

Special assistance
Please contact your airline, tour operator or travel agent at least 48 hours before your departure and arrival to make special requests.

Holiday checklist
It is very useful to make a checklist of things you should not forget .
Besides the obvious sun glasses, sun tan lotion or mosquito repellent some destinations require a more thorough preparation.