Passenger numbers at Antwerp Airport back at pre-corona level

In the second quarter, 81.705 passengers travelled via Antwerp Airport. That is  97.5% of the number of passengers who used to fly via our airport in the second quarter of 2019, before the corona crisis. Business travel and private aviation at Antwerp Airport are also flourishing. The business segment exceeds the 2019 figures by more than 10%.

Antwerp Airport once again recorded strong passenger figures in the second quarter. In April, May and June, 81.705 passengers travelled via Antwerp. “The strong figures of the first quarter also continued in April, May and June,” emphasises Eric Dumas CEO of Antwerp Airport. “This quarter we received barely 2.5% fewer passengers than in the second quarter of 2019, before the corona crisis (83.773).”

Since the start of this year, passenger numbers have been rising month after month. June was therefore the best month since the start of the corona crisis. “For the first time, more than 30,000 passengers travelled via our airport in June. Our customers are clearly in the mood to travel again. Also in July and August, we expect more than 30,000 passengers each month”, said CEO Eric Dumas.

In total, the airport welcomed 126,496 passengers during the first half of the year. That is 224% more than in 2021 and barely 4% less than in the record year 2019.

Business flights

Business and private aviation at Antwerp Airport is also doing very well. The market has experienced a quick recovery after the corona pandemic. During the second quarter, the number of business and private flights rose by 30% compared to the same period last year. Compared to 2019, the airport records an increase of 11%. 

Looking at the entire first half of the year, business and private flights grew by 45% compared to last year. Compared to the first six months of 2019, the airport can record a growth of 11.3%. “Thanks to the companies using private jets such as FlyingGroup, ASL Group and The Aviation Factory, business/private aviation in Antwerp is flourishing like never before. Together with these world-renowned companies, we are putting Antwerp on the map. Antwerp has always been an important business airport, and proves this once again with these wonderful growth figures,” says CEO Eric Dumas. 

Since covid, the group of people that flies privately has changed considerably. Not only business people travel with a private jet. Increasingly, families and larger groups of friends are opting for a private flight. This is because they are more flexible that way. It makes it possible to travel in small groups, there are no waiting times and you can leave whenever you want.