Corona measures

Antwerp Airport is very happy to welcome our passengers again. Since your last visit, there are now some mandatory corona measures in place to protect you, your loved ones and our staff.

The following lists some mandatory measures:

  1. From August, 1st, all persons returning to Belgium and all persons travelling through Belgium and who are staying at least 48 hours must fill out an identification form (Passenger Locator Form). You can find this form here
  2. Non-travellers are requested to avoid entering the terminal when this is not necessary. If those persons come to the airport, they are asked to say goodbye before the flight (in the drop-off zone) or welcome them after the flight (at the bicycle shed) outside the terminal.
  3. Scrupulously respect the social distancing measures that apply: this is, as far as possible, a minimum of 1.5 metres between people who do not belong to the same “social bubble”.
  4. Wearing a mouth mask in the airport building is mandatory from the age of 12. All kinds of security equipment such as mouth masks, alcohol gel, disinfectant wipes can be purchased at democratic prices at the airport; at the front of the entrance, via the vending machine or after security control, via the shop. It is recommended to change your mouth mask every 4 hours. Make sure you have enough mouth masks with you for the entire duration of the trip.
  5. Do not come to the airport and stay in your house/hotel when you are ill and contact your doctor by phone (do not take any risks and do not travel!). The airline may refuse you on the flight in case of illness.
  6. Respect the maximum number of people allowed in the toilets
  7. Follow the markings on the ground and the mandatory walking direction
  8. Hands must be disinfected when entering the terminal and at security checkpoints
  9. Sit with enough distance between you and other passengers who do not belong to the same “social bubble”.
  10. The tables and chairs of The Fly Shop (after the security check) are arranged in such a way that the social distance between the different travelers is guaranteed. Leave them as they are and do not move tables or chairs
  11. Attention: if you bring your own disinfectant gel in your hand luggage, this bottle may contain a maximum of 100 ml. Please respect the guidelines for liquids in your hand baggage. If your bottle contains more than 100 ml, the security staff will screen this extra separately. Decontamination gel in bottles as well as other security equipment can be purchased at the airport.
  12. A maximum of two people (who do not belong to the same “social bubble”) may get into the elevator at the same time. These persons must stand with their backs to each other.
  13. Passengers or airport visitors with symptoms of illness will be kindly requested to take a seat in the first aid room (ground floor) and to wait for the emergency services.

The following lists some very highly recommended measures:

  1. Apply good hand hygiene: wash or disinfect your hands regularly
  2. Use Handle to disinfect your hands. At the airport there are several alcohol gel dispensers available
  3. Practice good sneeze/cough hygiene -> sneeze  in  a paper handkerchief and then immediately throw it away in the specially provided trash can. In the absence of a handkerchief,  sneeze in  -your arm and not in your hand
  4. These specially equipped garbage cans with yellow lid and pedal controls are available at various locations in the building for the disposal of handkerchiefs, mouth masks, gloves, etc.
  5. Touch the face, mouth or nose as little as possible with the hands
  6. Pay attention to food hygiene (always wash hands before eating)
  7. Avoid close contact with people who cough and sneeze
  8. Avoid close contact with animals
  9. For now it is best not to shake hands or kiss to greet
  10. Prefer contactless payments

Also consult your airline’s website before your departure to also take note of the corona measures imposed by your airline (TUI fly and Air Antwerp).

We are therefore counting on you, as a passenger, to closely monitor our measures and we thank you in advance for your cooperation and trust.

Antwerp Airport wishes you a very pleasant and safe journey!

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