Flight Scheduled Destination Terminal Status
TB2061 06:30 INNSBRUCK Departed at 06:45
TB2691 11:00 TANGER via Brussels
TB1102 12:30 ALICANTE Departed at 12:23
BE6013 14:00 LONDON SOUTHEND Departed at 13:57
Flight Scheduled Origin Terminal Status
TB2062 10:10 INNSBRUCK Arrived at 11:30
TB1101 11:45 ALICANTE Arrived at 11:23
BE6012 13:35 LONDON SOUTHEND Arrived at 13:24
TB2692 17:35 TANGER Cancelled


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It is said that Tangier boasts the most beautiful bays in the Mediterranean. And according to artists such as Matisse and Delacroix, the landscapes, colours and light over here are simply extraordinary. This port on Morocco’s northern coast is a melting pot of cultures and nationalities.

Flights to Tangier: that’s why!

• A modern multicultural city
• The authentic medina featuring Grand Socco square
• A beautiful interior dotted with white villages
• A source of inspiration for 20th-century artists

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