Flight Scheduled Destination Terminal Status
TB2061 06:30 INNSBRUCK Departed at 06:45
TB2691 11:00 TANGER via Brussels
TB1102 12:30 ALICANTE Departed at 12:23
BE6013 14:00 LONDON SOUTHEND Departed at 13:57
Flight Scheduled Origin Terminal Status
TB2062 10:10 INNSBRUCK Arrived at 11:30
TB1101 11:45 ALICANTE Arrived at 11:23
BE6012 13:35 LONDON SOUTHEND Arrived at 13:24
TB2692 17:35 TANGER Cancelled


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Lublin is a historical city in the east of Poland, which has surprisingly much to offer. Book a flight to Lublin and discover this cultural gem. On the one hand, you can visit the medieval city centre with its historical monuments and on the other hand, the city boasts state-of-the-art sports facilities and cultural events. In short, Lublin is a charming city full of inspiration!

Flights to Lublin: that’s why!

• Surprising city break destination with a historical character
• Romantic city centre
• Majdanek museum
• Modern sports infrastructure

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