Flight Scheduled Destination Terminal Status
TB2061 06:30 INNSBRUCK Departed at 06:45
TB2691 11:00 TANGER via Brussels
TB1102 12:30 ALICANTE Departed at 12:23
BE6013 14:00 LONDON SOUTHEND Departed at 13:57
Flight Scheduled Origin Terminal Status
TB2062 10:10 INNSBRUCK Arrived at 11:30
TB1101 11:45 ALICANTE Arrived at 11:23
BE6012 13:35 LONDON SOUTHEND Arrived at 13:24
TB2692 17:35 TANGER Cancelled


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Situated on the south coast of the Mediterranean, the enchanting country of Tunisia excels in terms of versatility. Its temperate climate, hospitable people, centuries-old cities and colourful traditions will definitely take you by surprise. Enfidha offers you plenty of choice: you can indulge in the sun on the stunning stretches of fine sand, visit historical landmarks or stroll along the numerous charming souvenir shops.

Flights to Enfidha: that’s why!

• An enchanting place featuring colourful traditions and centuries-old cities
• A surprising interior with sandy deserts, oases and Berber villages
• Wellness is sacred here
• Shopping in a pleasant atmosphere at the souks

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06:45 08:45             13/04/2019 -26/10/2019 TB2731 TUI
06:45 08:45             10/04/2019 -01/05/2019 TB2731 TUI
06:45 08:45             05/06/2019 -26/10/2019 TB2731 TUI