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Safety and health measures

Antwerp Airport makes every effort to ensure that the airport’s facilities are hygienic and safe to welcome you in order to travel again in a carefree way. We therefore ask you to follow the following measures.

Golden rules

  1. Always keep a distance of 1.5 meters from others. When you sit down, allow enough distance with people who are not part of your bubble.
  2. A face mask is mandatory as from 12 years old on the airport grounds. Wearing a face mask on the aircraft is mandatory from the age of 6.
  3. It is also recommended to regularly wash and disinfect your hands.
  4. Follow the instructions through the airport.
  5. Respect the maximum number of people allowed in the toilets.
  6. Don’t come to the airport if you feel sick.

Passenger Locator Form

From 1 August 2020, all passengers travelling to Belgium must fill in a form in advance, i.e. the Passenger Locator Form. You can fill out the document here.

  1. Every passenger aged 16 years and over must fill in a form.
  2. Children under the age of 16 are registered with their parents.
  3. This document must be completed within 48 hours prior to arrival in Belgium.

The Passenger Locator Form distinguishes between a business trip and a private trip. In order to indicate that you are travelling for professional reasons, you or your employer must complete the Business Travel Abroad form (BTA). The BTA can be used by both Belgian and foreign employers and employees. The employee travelling for professional reasons will receive a BTA code after completing the BTA, which can be entered on the Passenger Locator Form. You can fill out the document here.

Do you live in Belgium, are you over 12 years old and did you spend more than 48 hours in a red zone?
Then a PCR test is compulsory on day 1 and day 7 after your arrival in our country. You will receive your activation code after filling in the PLF. In addition, a quarantine of at least seven days is mandatory, which can be terminated if a negative PCR test is obtained on day 7 of the quarantine.

Pick up and drop off passengers

Non-travelling persons are requested not to enter the airport when this is not necessary. If you come to the airport to drop off passengers, you will be asked to say goodbye to them before entering the airport building. The Kiss & Fly zone is located at parking 1 (20 minutes free). If you are picking up passengers, we ask you to welcome them at the meet and greet zone outside the airport building.

Mouth mask vending machine

If you have forgotten a mouth mask, you can purchase it at the vending machine at the entrance of the airport.

Before you leave, please refer to your airline’s website to learn of the corona measures imposed by them.

We are counting on you to follow our measures carefully and we thank you for your cooperation and trust.

Antwerp Airport wishes you a very pleasant and safe trip.