Flight Scheduled Destination Terminal Status
TB2793 06:55 ALICANTE Departed at 06:45
TB9250 07:20 NUERNBERG Departed at 07:12
TB2657 13:45 MALAGA Departed at 13:35
BE6013 18:00 LONDON SOUTHEND Departed at 17:54
TB2223 22:10 NADOR
Flight Scheduled Origin Terminal Status
TB2794 12:35 ALICANTE Arrived at 12:36
BE6012 17:35 LONDON SOUTHEND Arrived at 17:24
TB2658 20:00 MALAGA Arrived at 19:50
TB9251 20:40 NUERNBERG Arrived at 20:30


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Split is an ideal destination for relaxation on the Adriatic coast with wonderful natural surroundings and picturesque towns definitely worth a visit. A lot of traces of the city’s fascinating history can still be seen today. Seize the opportunity to discover Split and book your flight to Split today through

Why book a flight to Split from the Antwerp International Airport?

• The world-famous Palace of Diocletian, a UNESCO World Heritage Site
• The rich, historical background and Roman architecture
• A unique piece of nature on the Adriatic coast
• Long sandy beaches gently sloping into the clear blue sea, interspersed with rock coves

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06:30 08:25             30/04/2018 -01/10/2018 TB1855 TUI
10:05 12:00             27/04/2018 -05/10/2018 TB 5855 TUI