Flight Scheduled Destination Terminal Status
TB5417 06:30 INNSBRUCK Departed at 06:30
VO101 07:00 LONDON Departed at 06:58
VO103 10:20 LONDON Departed at 10:17
TB5535 10:50 BARCELONA Departed at 10:47
VO105 14:15 LONDON Departed at 14:05
TB5223 16:30 ALICANTE Departed at 16:27
VO109 17:50 LONDON Departed at 17:45
TB6901 06:30 MURCIA
TB6657 13:40 MALAGA
TB6223 22:10 NADOR
Flight Scheduled Origin Terminal Status
VO102 09:40 LONDON Arrived at 09:34
TB5418 10:05 INNSBRUCK Arrived at 10:01
VO104 13:40 LONDON Arrived at 13:34
TB5536 15:45 BARCELONA Arrived at 15:28
VO106 16:55 LONDON Arrived at 16:47
VO110 20:30 LONDON Arrived at 20:28
TB5224 22:15 ALICANTE Arrived at 22:08
TB6902 12:15 MURCIA
TB6658 20:15 MALAGA

London Southend

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London is a diverse and exciting city with some of the world’s best sights, attractions and activities. With so much to do, it’s hard to narrow down the long list of reasons to visit. You can’t fail to be excited by London’s amazing attractions. London has the best theatre scene in the world. It attracts the best in acting talent so don’t be surprised to see a few famous faces on the London stage. Take your pick from long-running musicals, classic plays, or brand new works making their West End debuts.

Flybe offers up to 4 flights a week from Antwerp to London Southend.. The airport boasts its own direct rail link with fast and frequent train services with up to eight trains per hour to and from London’s Liverpool Street.

Flights to London Southend? That’s why:

  • See the city from above on the London Eye
  • Meet a celebrity at Madame Tussauds
  • Examine the world’s most precious treasures at the British Museum or come face-to-face with dinosaurs at the Natural History Museum.
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Flybe also offers quick and convenient connections of less than one hour to Dublin, Manchester and Glawgow International from Londen Southend Airport

London Southend