Flight Scheduled Destination Terminal Status
VO101 07:00 LONDON Departed at 07:00
TB1617 08:00 MALAGA Departed at 07:50
VO109 17:50 LONDON
Flight Scheduled Origin Terminal Status
VO102 09:40 LONDON
TB1618 14:30 MALAGA Expected at 14:07
VO110 20:30 LONDON
UPDATE VLM: Flight VO102 London City to Antwerp Airport will switch to Rotterdam Airport. Buses are provided from Rotterdam to Antwerp Airport.


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Innsbruck, in Austria, is one of the leading winter sports destinations, but this place is also hot in summer! The 800-year-old city is surrounded by beautiful mountain scenery. A paradise for skiers, snowboarders, ice skaters and winter hikers. However, the city is also perfect for culture buffs with its wonderful mediaeval buildings.

Flights to Innsbruck? That’s why:

  • Winter sports for every taste and level
  • The famous Golden Roof
  • Triumphal Arch: a part of the old city wall
  • Stadtturm (City Tower) with a wonderful view of the city
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08:00 09:15             22/12/2017 -16/04/2018 TBC TUI
06:30 07:45             12/12/2017 -16/04/2018 TBC TUI