Flight Scheduled Destination Terminal Status
TB2221 08:25 ALICANTE
VO101 07:00 LONDON
VO141 07:15 ZURICH
VO133 10:10 MUNICH
VO103 11:55 LONDON
TB2223 15:00 NADOR
VO147 17:35 ZURICH
VO109 17:50 LONDON
Flight Scheduled Origin Terminal Status
VO148 22:00 ZURICH Arrived at 21:37
VO102 09:40 LONDON
VO142 11:25 ZURICH
TB2222 14:10 ALICANTE
VO104 14:35 LONDON
VO136 19:10 MUNICH
VO110 20:30 LONDON
TB2224 21:50 NADOR
VO148 22:00 ZURICH


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VLM Airlines flies from Birmingham to Antwerp as from 12th February. VLM Airlines is offering on all new routes one daily service in each direction with a Fokker 50 on weekdays. One-way fares are starting from 59 EUR (all taxes included). Seats can be booked via from 10th January.


Antwerp is one of the largest seaports in Europe, the diamond capital of the world, the second largest petrochemical centre in the world. This thriving city is also known for its bold and diverse arts, fashion and culinary scene. It’s the ideal destination for a city trip and has everything a tourist could wish for: culture, history, beautiful parks and a large number of museums.

Over the past few years, Birmingham has transformed itself into a tourist magnet, with beautiful country houses, museums and castles, including the Kenilworth Castle and the Warwick Castle. Birmingham’s nightlife is also a genuine attraction.

Must See Attractions:
  • National Sea Life Centre
  • Museum Barber Institute Of Fine Arts
  • Sutton Park
  • Saint Philip’s Cathedral
  • Shopping paradise: Bullring
Route Departure Arrival Flight days
Antwerp –Birmingham 12:00 12:35 Mo-Tu-We-Th-Fr
Birmingham – Antwerp 13:05 15:40 Mo-Tu-We-Th-Fr