Flight Scheduled Destination Terminal Status
TB2223 22:10 NADOR Departed at 22:08
WX230 07:05 LONDON
TB3901 07:55 MURCIA
TB3535 13:35 BARCELONA
WX236 14:15 LONDON
TB3657 14:25 MALAGA
WX238 18:05 LONDON
Flight Scheduled Provenance Terminal Status
WX239 20:25 LONDON Arrived at 20:00
TB2224 06:45 NADOR
WX231 09:45 LONDON
TB3536 12:50 BARCELONA
TB3902 13:35 MURCIA
WX237 17:05 LONDON
TB3658 20:40 MALAGA
WX239 21:00 LONDON

City Express Shuttle is a collaboration between Antwerp International Airport and DTM Taxi. This service offers you the possibility to travel in a fast and convenient way to 2 main locations in Antwerp at a set price:

  • Astridplein (Antwerp Central Station area): €5 per person
  • Groenplaats (close to the historic town and cathedral): €7 per person

The City Express Service can be booked at the Information Desk and is only valid for inbound passengers after arrival at Antwerp Airport and in possession of a valid (same day) boarding card.

Shuttle service ANR